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How to install Android, Google Apps and WhatsApp on your Windows PC

Want to run Android on your PC? Of all existing methods I know of, Genymotion is, in my opinion the most user-friendly way to run Android on your Windows PC. However, the installation process wasn’t as straight forward as you might hope. Therefore, I made this video to guide you through the installation process. Links: Download Genymotion: http://www.genymotion.com/ Download… Read More »

How to log off another (local) user

1. Start the task manager Right-click the task bar and click ‘Start Task Manager’ (also see This video  for more ways of starting the task manager) 2. Go the the ‘Processes tab’ and click ‘Show Processes from all users’ This step is necessary to prevent an ‘Access Denied’ error message when trying to logoff a user, and the main… Read More »

How to give a user administrator rights

1. Log in with the current administrator account 2. Click the Start button, and then, ‘Control Panel’ 3. Click ‘User Accounts and Family safety’ 4. Click ‘User accounts’ 5. Click the ‘Manage another account’ link 6. Click on the account you want to give administrator rights. 7. Click the ‘Change Account Type’ link.   8. Select ‘Administrator’. 9.… Read More »

How to find your IP address

My two preferred methods are the following: Using Google search Type ‘IP address’ in Google and it’ll give you your IP address. Since you’re already on this page, click this link to perform that search. Using CMD Click your menu button, type ‘cmd’ in your search bar, and press ‘enter’. This will open the command promt. Once in… Read More »

How to find your MAC address

Don’t worry, we’re still talking about Windows PC’s here. A MAC address (Media Access Controll address) is an unique number that identifies your network interface card. A MAC address can be found using the following steps: 1. Go to the ‘Network and Sharing Center’.  The fastest way to get here is to left-click the system tray icon for your… Read More »

How to enter the BIOS

A frequently asked question is ‘How do I get in the BIOS?’. This is actually a fairly straight-forward procedure consisting of only 2 steps. 1. Restart, or start up your PC You can’t access the BIOS from a PC that is already running its operating system. You’ll have to restart your PC to get in the BIOS before your… Read More »