How to enter the BIOS

By | August 4, 2014

A frequently asked question is ‘How do I get in the BIOS?’. This is actually a fairly straight-forward procedure consisting of only 2 steps.

1. Restart, or start up your PC

You can’t access the BIOS from a PC that is already running its operating system. You’ll have to restart your PC to get in the BIOS before your OS is launched.

2. Hit a specific key (DEL or an F-key) when startup screen

The only way to get into the bios is to press a button, usually the DEL or one of the F-keys, when the PC is showing the startup screen (the one with the manufacturer’s logo). You’ll have to press this key before the startup screen disappears, so get ready to do so fast. Once you know which key to press, I recommend to repeatedly keep tapping that key when starting up, as this won’t hurt anything and will make sure you won’t miss the startup screen.

The startup screen showing the manufacturer logo. I have to press ‘DEL’ to get into the BIOS.


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