Why did you start this website?

I’m a self-taught PC enthusiast. In my experience, video is the best way to learn how to do things on the PC. I watched many YouTube ‘How-to’ videos and learned a lot.
However, most of these videos are not that great quality. Classic examples include people typing what they’re doing in notepad, having a cluttered desktop or tons of unrelated windows open, making mistakes but not bothering to edit their video, or rambling on before getting to the subject matter. Whenever I managed to find high-quality how-to videos, the uploader usually didn’t have that many more.
So, I decided to start my own Youtube channel, and later a website, to share my best PC tips and tricks, with ever increasing quality video and articles. My goal is to make the type of videos and articles I like to see myself, and have a lot of them on one  YouTube channel and website.

How can I best contact you?

You can send an e-mail at guido [@] guidoshowtos.com.

Is there a privacy policy?

Yes. See Privacy Policy.

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